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I don’t know how popular the idea would be, but I’d like to see a Hamlet where they actually look like they’ve been poisoned. Instead of this really noble-looking death where Hamlet sort of sighs his last words and then shuts his eyes, you’d see him struggling to move or talk properly, or convulsing, or speaking those last words between spells of weakly coughing up blood. Just something more visceral and human looking I guess. With poor Horatio desperately trying to do anything to at least ease his prince’s passing but being able to do nothing except hold him. And then ‘the rest is silence’ has even more pathos, because his last moments are unrelentingly torturous just like his recent life has been and you’d really be able to understand that he finally perceives if not something ’good’ than at least an escape in the next world.
I’ve just been watching Fatal Attractions and it described how this woman died of a snakebite and when her landlady entered her house there was blood literally everywhere but mostly in the sink because the venom was like an anticoagulant or whatever and was making her bleed out of every orifice. It just really struck me and I thought it’s be a quite different way to treat the final scene is all.

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